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Shocking Facts Hollywood Erotic Movie Sex Scenes

Shocking Facts Hollywood Erotic Movie Sex Scenes
EntertaintmentGosip ArtisMovieMar 2, 2015
This time we review the recognition of the making or filming erotic Hollywood, including a splashy movie just now that Fifty Shades of Grey, some surprising recognition directly from the main character in the film, you should refer to.

Adegan Seks Film Hollywood

World of cinema world news scene in the movie erotic Fifty Shades of Grey sex scenes supposedly spent a total duration of 14 minutes 17 seconds.

And the news has not yet passed, we are again surprised by the recognition of the two players, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson who claimed uncomfortable during filming sex scenes take place.

So what happened in the process of making the film so his players to feel depressed, and that anything could happen there? Here are three things you need to know about the process of filming a sex scene in a hot Hollywood movie, as quoted from the pages of Time, Sunday (03/01/2015).

1. The location filming is a mess

Looks beautiful on screen does not necessarily mean the same when you're doing the shooting. Because, when the process is done, there are a lot of crews on duty there, including the director and the cameraman who ensure the results are recorded with the maximum. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson shared a story about how uncomfortable doing the sex scenes in the film.

Fakta Mengejutkan Adegan Seks Film Erotis Fifty Shades of Grey

Therefore, with this situation, a lot of actors who find it difficult to explore the role. Including Jamie Dornan.

"Anyone who thinks that actors tend to enjoy sex scene was actually wrong, is because while doing it, you were not alone, there are many people hairy (male) who participated to see you there," recalls Dornan.

"Yes, it would not feel sexy, unless you really like the attention of people, which I do not," said Dornan.

In line with Dornan, Margot Robbie ever jumped into bed with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street also felt the same difficulties. In a small room, they must be willing digonggongi dogs due to the demands of the scenario.

"In these scenes, we have to make the dog jump into bed and biting the feet of Leo. To be able to get that moment, the coach put the chicken liver dog in between toes Leo, "said Robbie.

2. Can be repeated many times
Just like the other scenes, the action in bed can also be repeated several times if the director is not getting the desired results. Therefore, at this point, improvisation is not uncommon to make the players injured. Dakota Johnson as the following experience.

Fakta Mengejutkan Adegan Seks Film Erotis Fifty Shades of Grey

So the story there is a scene that makes Jamie had to throw me to the bed. The scene was repeated 17 times. Imagine what it feels like my head and my back, "Dakota Johnson's comments about the sex scenes making of Fifty Shades of Grey.

"As soon as I wake up, I can not move the neck. Bad taste, "he said while holding his neck.

3. Wearing Stuntman
What you see on the screen is not completely real. Many directors who decided to use replacement players when he found the body shapes that do not comply with the demands of the scenario.

Fakta Mengejutkan Adegan Seks Film Erotis Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey himself, Dakota Johnson use a stunt double when required to show one part of his body. Both Dakota and Jamie also have to undergo a series of make-over in order to look up at the camera.

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